Friday, April 30, 2004

Collected Topics Handouts

In 2004, Geshe Kelsang Wangmo and Don Eisenberg co-taught the Collected Topics, the first preliminary course to geshe-studies.  Before that, another IBD student, Tenzin Josh, taught the Collected Topics a few times.

Below are some short texts that are used by students of Collected Topics.  They can be downloaded from Jeffrey Hopkins website, Uma Institute of Tibetan Studies, or from below:

The most popular Collected Topic material in English, which was expanded by Paul G. Hackett to include material for another preliminary course, Awareness & Knowledge (བློ་རིག་) and on Mind and Mental Factors is Basic Buddhist Terms and ConceptsA Student’s Guide for the Study of Tibetan Buddhism from materials translated by Jeffrey Hopkins, Elizabeth Napper, Daniel Perdue, Kathleen Rogers, and Paul G. Hackett.  Includes material on Awareness & Knowledge & Mental Factors.

Some other materials that students of Collected Topics generally consult include:

Lati Rinbochay:  Oral Debate translated by Daniel Perdue based on classes by Jeffrey Hopkins.

The Possibilities Game:  Determining Possibilities by Gedun Lodro.

Gomang Collected Topics by Nga-wang-tra-shi (ngag dbang bkra shis), A Spiritual Son of Jam-yang-shay-pa.

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