Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2010 Sept 22 - Ch. 1, Abhisamayalamkara - Class 3

In the Third class of our Fall 2010 study of Bodhicitta (the First of the Ten Dharma Topics) presented in Chapter 1 of the Ornament for Clear Realizations, Ven. Kelsang Wangmo introduces the 10 Sub-Topics of the Mahayana Practice Instructions (which is the Second Dharma Topic of Chapter 1).

You can download MP3's from the third class of the Fall semester course on Chapter One of the Abhisamayalamkara  (the 41st class of 2010), held on Wednesday, September 22, by right clicking the links below.

Track 1 - Topics raised by Verses from Chandragomin Letter to a Disciple
  • First Noble Truth – Three Kinds of Suffering / Dukkha 
    • Suffering of Change (of Contaminated Pleasure) 
    • All Pervasive Suffering (of Compulsory rebirth with Contaminated Aggregates)
  • Second Noble Truth – Why Samsara (i.e., our Contaminated Aggregates) is 'in the nature of Dukkha'
  • Generating Bodhicitta & the First Two Noble Truths
    Generating Bodhicitta & Renunciation
Track 2 - Introduction to Chapter One of the Ornament
  • Ancient Indian Treatises
  • Ornament for Clear Realizations, an ancient treatise
Track 3 -
  • What are the Ten Dharmas (Ten Topics) of Chapter One?
  • How these Ten Dharmas (Topics) are related to the Omniscient Mind
  • Presenting the Ten Dharmas Illustrates the Omniscient Minda.  
    • Only an Omniscient Mind can be the object possessor of the Ten Dharmas 
    • Ten Dharmas are the Causes and Conditions that produce the Omniscient Mind
  • First Dharma/Topic - Bodhicitta
  • Second Dharma/Topic – Mahayana Practice Instructions & their Ten Sub-Topics
  • Entity of Practice
  • Objects of practice:  Conventional Truth or Ultimate Truth
  • Analytical Meditation
Track 4- Ten Sub-Topics of the Mahayana Practice Instructions (Second Dharma Topic, Chapter 1
  • 1st SubTopic of Mahayana Practice Instructions - the TWO TRUTHS 
  • Meditating on Three Types of Bodhicitta – Not all Accord with Reality
  • Q & A

Track 5 -
  • 2nd  Topic of Mahayana Practice Instructions - FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS 
    • Fundamental Vehicle Path 
    • Studying the Four Noble Truths
  • 3rd Topic of Mahayana Practice Instructions - REFUGE

Track 6 -
  • 4th thru 6th Sub-Topics of Mahayana Practice Instructions - THREE TYPES OF DILIGENCE
  • 7th Sub-Topic of Mahayana Practice Instructions  - FIVE KINDS OF VISIONS
  • 8th Topic of Mahayana Practice Instructions - SIX CLEAR PERCEPTIONS
  • 9th and 10th  Topics of Mahayana Practice Instructions - Path of Seeing & Path of Meditation 
    • Path of Seeing - 9th Sub-Topic of Mahayana Practice Instructions
    • Path of Meditation - 10th Sub-Topic of Mahayana Practice Instructions

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