Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Class 2 - Introduction & Review, cont.

Download PDF's of Class Handouts and MP3 Tracks from the 2nd class of Spring 2013 term held on Wednesday, April 10.

Geshe Kelsang Wangmo follows the Tibetan Monastic tradition of presenting a review of the material covered in prior terms of this Perfection of Wisdom course.  For further information on these topics, please look at prior term's blog posts.  Reviewing the blog posts of the first and second classes of the Spring 2012 term (as well as similar posts for other terms) and related Handouts, transcripts and MP3's may be relevant to your studies.

DOWNLOAD Handouts - text for Class 2
2013 Spring Handout 3 - Summary (i.e., Contents) of Ornament: Eight Clear Realizations. Thirteen Verses listing its 70 Topics. Chapter 1: Topics 1-8 (of its Ten Topics)

2013 Spring Handout 4 - Intro-review of Chapter 1, cont., Topics 9 & 10.  Ch.1 Topic 1 - Bodhicitta:  Two Aspirations.

ALL SPRING 2013 PDF Handouts are HERE.

Track 1 - Continue review of subjects covered from the preface and Chapter 1 of the Ornament/Abhisamayalamkara in prior years. Handout 3.

Track 2 - 10 Topics of Chapter 1 illustrate Buddha's Omniscient Mind of the Exalted Knower of All Aspects, Handout 3-4. Topic 1 - Bodhicitta. Q&A.

Track 3 - Handout 4 - Bodhicitta (Topic 1 of Ch. 1's 10 Topics).

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This is the 1st class of the Spring 2013 term the Perfection of Wisdom course
which addresses 8th-10th sub-topics of the 2nd Topic
(Mahayana Practice Instructions) of Chapter 1 of Maitreya's
Ornament for Clear Realizations - Abhisamayalamkara.

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