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2010 Class 6 - April 16 MP3's

You can download high quality MP3's from Class 6, held on Friday, April 16, by right clicking the links below.

The Tracks are divided to ease both downloading and listening (rewinding on many devices is easier in a smaller file):

Ven. Kelsang Wangmo presents the Assertions of the Mind Only school and answers questions raised in the following tracks from Class 6 of the 2010 Perfection of Wisdom course at IBD beginning at 1:41 min.on Track 1.

Track 1 - of the Mind Only School: the Lack of External Existence.

Track 2 - Mind & its Objects are One Entity. External Existence is an Impossible Mode of Existence, yet Things Exist as mere appearances to mind.

Track 3 - Three-Fold Division of Phenomena & Three Natures (Other Powered, Thoroughly Established & All Imputed). Negation of an Impossible Mode of Existence is an Existent. Illustrations of Mind Only's Three Natures. Non-Affirming Negations.

Track 4 - How can a Negation (Emptiness) Be a Phenomenon? Emptiness: the Negation of Something that Never Exists for Mind Only & the Middle Way schools. Why we study Mind Only tenets.

Track 5 - Using logic to remove belief in the deceptive appearance of phenomena.

Track 6 - Nirvana: a non-Affirming, Negative (Permanent) phenomena. Negations: Affirming & non-Affirming.

Track 7 - What is the Difference between Nirvana & Enlightenment? Fundamental Problem: Ignorance that Mis-perceives Reality. Antidotes to Delusion lead to Nirvana with 'residue of Obscurations to Omniscience. Two Itineraries for the Journey to Nirvana & Enlightenment.

Track 8 - The Meaning of Selflessness. How can phenomena come into being by virtue of our designation?

Track 9 - Ven. Wangmo continues to parse and explain the course's English text by Gyaltsab Je from the last paragraph of p. 1 - part of paragraph 1, p. 2:

Here, all of us have obtained leisures and endowments that are very difficult to find, and are greatly meaningful when found. At this time, effort for the sake of gain, honor, and the like of simply this life — without setting up well the basis that is the temporal and final aims that are strongly desired by beings from the next life and beyond, which surpasses the system of the elderly mundane beings — is like winnowed chaff devoid of grain. Having understood that doing so does not transcend the behavior of animals, we should make effort in taking the essence of our leisures and endowments well.

Due to the deeds of turning the wheels of Dharma in three stages by the Buddha Bhagavan [Shakyamuni] who acts solely to benefit all migrating beings, the one called Acarya Arya Asanga subsequently engaged in the systems which have been determined with extensive collections of scripture and reasoning by the beings for whom the path (that the aryas of the three times have gone and will subsequently go on) along with its result have become valid, and understood their meanings. He came to understand that there is no supreme method to please the victors other than proper practice by means of the three types of precious trainings.
Ornament of the Essence by Gyeltsab Dharma Rinchen, an explanatory commentary of the root text, Ornament for Clear Realization: Treatise of Quintessential Instructions of the Perfection of Wisdom (Abhisamayalamkara) by the Venerable Protector Maitreya and of the Clear Meaning (an Abhisamayalamakara commentary) by Acharya Haribhadra, translated by Toh Sze Gee for the 2008 FPMT Masters Program.

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