Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Class 12 - Form Realm, Debate re Physical Sublime Eyes

Download PDF's of Class Handouts, Class Transcript, and MP3 Tracks from the 12TH class of Fall 2012 term held on Wednesday, October 17.

DOWNLOAD Handouts - text for Class 12:

2012 Fall Handout 11

2012 Fall Handout 12

ALL FALL 2012 PDF Handouts are HERE.


Track 1 - Review:  Concentrations:
  • Steps in development, levels.
  • Characteristics of First Concentration of Form Realm  Desire Realm.  
  • 8 Levels of Concentration can cause rebirth in 8 levels of Form/Formless Realms of Samsara.  
  • Disadvantages of Formless Realm.
Track 2 - HANDOUT 11, p. 2 & HANDOUT 12
  • Divisions & Descriptions of Form Realm concentrations.  
  •  Losing Fourth Realm Concentrations.  
  •  Death in Formless Realm.

Track 3 - Nature of the Five Sublime Eyes.
  • Debate:  Some assert Sublime Eyes are physical. 
  • Characteristics of Eye Sense Power/Eye Consciousness, awareness.

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This is the 12TH class of the Fall 2012 term Perfection of Wisdom course
which addresses Five Visions (Sublime Eyes), Four Concentrations & Four Absorptions, etc., 
the 7th sub-topic of the 2nd Topic (Mahayana Practice Instructions) of 
Chapter 1 of Maitreya's Ornament for Clear Realizations - Abhisamayalamkara.

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