Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Class 9 - Divine Eyes

Download PDF's of Class Handouts and MP3 Tracks from the 9TH class of Fall 2012 term held on Wednesday, October 10.

DOWNLOAD Handouts - text for Class 9:

2012 Fall Handout 9
2012 Fall Handout 10

ALL FALL 2012 PDF Handouts are HERE.


Track 1 - Review -
  • Emptiness in Geshe Curriculum. 
  • Emptiness as Antidote to Obstacles to Diligence.   
  • Five Divine Eyes [Handout 9].
Track 2 - Five Divine Eyes per Gyaltsab Je.  [HANDOUTS 9 & 10]
  • Objects of Eye Consciousness
  • Expressive Sound
  • Object Possessors 

  • Divine Eye enables Lamas to follow disciples from life-to-life. 
  • Issues related to Guru/Lama teachers.
Track 3 - Five Divine Eyes per Gyaltsab Je, cont. 
  • Omniscience of Buddha.
  • Karmic connections between their sentient beings of 3,000-fold world systems..
Track 4 - Conclude Gyaltsab Je’s Explanation re Five Sublime Eye.
  • Panchen Sonam Drakpa’s General Meaning presentation of Five Sublime Eyes:
    • 7th Mahayana Practice Instructions re the five sublime eyes is intended to enable practitioners to become more self-sufficient in their practice.
    • Citations from the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras respecting the Divine Eyes.
    • Lamas are able perceive deaths in far off lands.
    • Karmic connections between their sentient beings of 3,000-fold world systems. 
    • Four Concentrations: 4 hours of calm abiding required for 1st Concentration.
 Conclude HANDOUT 10.

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This is the 9TH class of the Fall 2012 term Perfection of Wisdom course.
7th sub-topic (Five Sublime Eyes) of the 2nd Topic (Mahayana Practice Instructions), Chapter 1 of Maitreya's Ornament for Clear Realizations.

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