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Class 2 - Mahayana Path of Preparation - introduction

The 2nd class of Spring 2014 term was held on Monday, the 9th day of April. The Mahayana Path of Preparation is the topic of the first half of the term.

Download the Spring 2014 Course Text-PDF, prepared by Geshe Kelsang Wangmo.

Please NOTE: Geshe Wangmo presented an overview of the Mahayana Path of Preparation in the 7th Class of the Spring 2013 Term. You can download the Recorded MP3 tracks of that class, together with a transcript of NOTES from the class, and the Handouts Geshe Wangmo prepared as the text for that class at this blog's April 24, 2013 POST.

DOWNLOAD Recorded MP3 Tracks of Class 1:

Track 1 - Continue explanation re Types of Awarenesses Required to Progress to the Mahayana Path of Preparation:
  1. Awareness arisen from Hearing (Correctly Assuming Consciousness - not the same as "Incontrovertibly Knowing").
  2. Awareness Arisen from Contemplation (Inferential Cognizer).  
  3. Awareness Arisen from Meditation (Calm Abiding Single Focus).  
  4. Awareness Mainly Arisen from Meditation (Union of Calm Abiding & Special Insight).  
Most of what we think we know is only Arisen from Hearing.

Four Steps to Realize Emptiness:  
  1. Correctly Assume Emptiness - Awareness arisen from Hearing.  
  2. Inferentially Cognize (Incontrovertibly) Emptiness - Awareness arisen from Contemplation - a conceptual & easily distracted mind.
  3. Calm Abiding (Single Pointed) Meditation on Emptiness - Awareness Arisen from Meditation
  4. Calm Abiding in Union with Special Insight [analysis] on Emptiness - Awareness Mainly Arisen from Meditation.
Track 2 - Realizing Emptiness by Awareness Mainly Arisen from Meditation is entry to the Path of Preparation.  
  • The first moment of the Union of Calm Abiding & Special Insight meditating on Emptiness is the first moment of the Path of Preparation.
One can generate the first 3 Awarenesses before generating Bodhicitta.  If not generated before entering the Path of Accumulation, they must be generated on that Path before advancing to the Path of Preparation.
Why the Path of Preparation is presented after the 10 Mahayana Practice Instructions. 
[Text PDF - p. 24].  A Debate.

  • Path of Accumulation - enter by generating Bodhicitta. Either before or after entry, generate the first Three Awarenesses. And work to develop the Fourth type.

  • Path of Preparation - enter immediately upon generating the Fourth type Awareness at the end of the Path of Accumulation. Then continue to develop and deepen that Union of Calm Abiding and Special Insight focused on Emptiness until you generate a Direct Experience of Emptiness and at immediately enter the Path of Seeing.
Track 3 - Presentation of a Sutra debate in the Perfection of Wisdom re what to do when you get stuck on the Path of Preparation.
  • The phrase that appears, "Not having the fault of a Bodhisattva", means being able to Realize Emptiness Directly. 

  • On the Path of Preparation, a Bodhisattva is stuck with a conceptual realization of Emptiness even in the special meditative concentration of the Union of Calm Abiding & Special Insight Meditation.  This is the Fault of the Peak Training on the Path of Preparation.

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This is the 2nd class of the Spring 2014 term of
the Perfection of Wisdom course
which addresses 3rd Topic - Mahayana Path of Preparation
of Chapter 1 of Maitreya's
Ornament for Clear Realizations - Abhisamayalamkara.

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