Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Class 5 - Bodhicitta - Mind & Mental Factors - MP3's-Handouts

Download PDF's of Handouts, and MP3 Tracks from the 5th class of 2011 held on Wednesday, April 13 below.  The MP3 Tracks are divided to ease both downloading and listening.


2011 Handout 4 - Chap. 1 - Ornament for Clear Realization: BODHICITTA - Revised from posting on April 11.
2011 Handout 5 - BODHICITTA, cont.
2011 Handout 6 - BODHICITTA, cont.

2011 Chart 2 - Subdivisions of the Two Higher Tenets


Track 1 - Review Material Covered in 4th Class - Monday, 2011 April 11 – Handout 3
Bodhicitta Etymology  - [Handout 3]
  • Present Subject Matter of this and future classes from Handout 4: 
  • First three verses from First Chapter of the Ornament for Clear Realizations along with brief introduction to their meaning.
  • Literal translation of the Definition of Bodhicitta:   A special mental main mind (mental consciousness that is a main mind) which is the entry way to the Mahayana path and is concomitant with its assistant aspiration that focuses on complete enlightenment for the benefit of others.
Track 2 - Presentation of MIND in Buddhism
  • General Description of All Minds
  • Two Different Kinds of Minds: 
    • Sense Consciousness & Mental Consciousness. 
Track 3 - Main Mind & Mental Factors
  • Five Omni-Present Mental Factors 
  • Mental Factor of Aspiration in a Mind of Bodhicitta
  • Concomitant Mind & Mental Factors
Track 4 - Definition of Bodhicitta unpacked
  • Aspirational Mental Factor of Bodhicitta
  • Meaning of Bodhicitta’s Definition Explanation
  • Q&A
Track 5 - Manifest & Dormant Minds
              Minds of Wisdom & Bodhicitta Conjoined

Track 6 - Two Branches of Bodhicitta:
  1. Branch: Aspiration for Others Benefit - aspiration for others’ enlightenment precedes
  2. Branch of Aspiration for Own Benefit - to attain Enlightenment for the benefit of all others.
  • Are Buddhas sentient beings?
  • Realistically recognizing force our engrained selfishness
Track 7 - Enlightenment is Exemplified by the Dharmakaya & Rupakaya
  • Q&A

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Thank you Nordron for maintaining this blog. It is exremely helpful.I am listening to last year's classes and wanted to print out Chart 2, but found that it is exactly the same as Handout 6. Would it possible to have that(chart 2) e-mailed to me at ? Thanks.