Friday, April 29, 2011

Class 8 - Bodhicitta - Aspirational & Engaging

Download PDF's of Draft TRANSCRIPT, HANDOUTS and MP3 Tracks from the 8th class of 2011 held on Friday, April 29:



2011 Handout 6 - BODHICITTA, Category by way of Being Bodhicitta

2011 Handout 7 - Differences between Svatantrika-Madhyamika and Prasangika Madhymaika Tenets (re Vows, Engaging Bodhicitta and Paths.


Track 1 - Introductory review.

Track 2 - Handout 6 Catetory by way of Being (Bodhicitta): Aspirational Bodhicitta & Engaging Bodhicitta:
  • Definitions and their Aspects.
  • Main Mind & Mental Factors.
Track 3 - Conjoined Minds & Directly Conjoined Minds.
  • Compassion Enhances Wisdom because Compassion is in Accord with Reality.
  • Can Two Mental Consciousneses be Active at the same time?
  • Requirements for Engaging Bodhicitta.
  • Distinguishing Engaging Bodhicitta of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.
Track 4 - Aspirational Bodhicitta:
  • Definition
  • Aspects of Definition
  • "Giving Up Bodhicitta"
  • Distinctions between Aspirational and Engaging Bodhicitta.
  • Q&A
Track 5 - What are Vows?
  • Middle Way Autonomy (Madhyamika-Svatantrika) Yogic Practitioner (Yogacara) School Tenets and the Perfection of Wisdom course.
  • Vows - Different assertions by Middle Way Consequentitalists (Madyaika-Prasangika) and Middle Way Autonomy-Yogacara. [Handout 7]

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