Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Class 10 - Categories of Bodhicitta & Vows

Download PDF's of HANDOUTS and MP3 Tracks from the 10th class of 2011 held on Wednesday, May 4:


2011 Handout 6 - Category by way of Being (Bodhicitta): Aspirational Bodhicitta & Engaging Bodhicitta - Definitions, Aspects of the definitions; and Differences between the two.

2011 Handout 7 - Differences between Svatantrika-Madhyamika and Prasangika Madhymaika Tenets (re Vows, Engaging Bodhicitta and Paths.

2011 Handout 8 - Three Classes of Vows: I. Pratimoksha Vow: a) Lay Vow (3 Sets; Eight One-day Vows); b) Ordained Vows (5 sets). II. Bodhisattva Vow - a) 18 Downfalls & 46 Faulty Actions. b) How to Lose Bodhisattva Vow: Four Binding Factors.


Track 1 - Review Subjects of Classes to Date:
  • Introduction to Ornament for Clear Realizations
  • First topic of Chapter 1 - Bodhicitta

Track 2 - Two Branches of Bodhicitta (Aspirational & Engaging Bodhicitta)
  • Categories of Bodhicitta:
    • By Way of Nature:
      • Nominal Category
      • Category of Way of Being.
Track 3 - By Way of Being Sub-Category
  • Handout 7:
    • Nature of Vows – Different Assertions: Subtle Form or Mental Factor of Intention
    • On What Path/Ground Does a Bodhisattva Become an Arhat? Autonomy & Consequentialist Tenets Differ
Track 4 - Precepts and Vows
  • Aspirational Bodhicitta Ritual
  • Aspirational BodhicittaFour Precepts:
  1. Maintain Enthusiasm for Bodhicitta by Meditating on It Again and Again,
  2. Increase Strength of Bodhicitta by Training Ourselves in It Three Times during Day & Three Times At Night.
  3. Train Never to Abandon a Single Sentient Being - No Matter How Someone Behaves.
  4. Make an Effort to Create the Two Accumulations of Merit and Wisdom.
Track 5 -Three Classes of Buddhist Vows
  • Pratimoksha (Self-Liberation) Vow
    • Three Sets of Lay Vows; 
    • Six Types of Lay Practitioners
Track 6 -Intoxicants Vow

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