Friday, May 06, 2011

Class 11 - Categories of Bodhicitta & Vows

Download PDF's of HANDOUTS and MP3 Tracks from the 11th class of 2011 held on Friday, May 6:


2011 Chart 3 - The Five Bodhisattva Paths.

2011 Handout 7 - Differences between Svatantrika-Madhyamika and Prasangika Madhymaika Tenets (re Vows, Engaging Bodhicitta and Paths.

2011 Handout 8 - Three Classes of Vows: I. Pratimoksha Vow: a) Lay Vow (3 Sets; Eight One-day Vows); b) Ordained Vows (5 sets). II. Bodhisattva Vow - a) 18 Downfalls & 46 Faulty Actions. b) How to Lose Bodhisattva Vow: Four Binding Factors.

2011 Handout 9 - Remaining categories of Bodhicitta: a) By way of Demarcation; b) By way of Devoted Conduct; c) Category by way of the Purpose; d) Category by way of Similes.


Track 1 - Pratikmoksha Vow "not to Kill" is completely Broken/Lost by intentionally killing a human being; not by killing an animal. [Clarifying Class 10]. Sectarian chauvinism does not have factual basis.

Track 2 - Pratimokha Vows:
Six Types of Lay Practitioners
Five Sets of Vows for Monks and Nuns

Track 3 - Bodhisattva Vow - 18 Major Precepts:
  • Violating 16 Major Precepts are Downfalls
  • Violating either the 9th or 18th Breaks/Ends Vow:
    • 9th Major Precept:  Not Holding Wrong Views, e.g.:
      • Denying the Law of Cause and Effect.
      • What about Reincarnation?
    • 18. Giving Up Bodhicitta - Taking the vows if one doesn't have Aspirational Bodhicitta?
  • Four Binding Factors required to Break the remaining 16 Precepts:
  1. Not giving up the desire to act in a particular way and still wanting to do it
  2. Taking joy and delight in it
  3. Lacking shame and embarrassment
  4. Not regarding the action as faulty
Track 4 - Remaining Categories of Bodhicitta- [Handout 9]

a)  Category way of DEMARCATION (re Grounds and Paths - Chart 3):

Bodhicitta of:
  1. Devoted Conduct in continua of Bodhisattvas on Mundane Paths (Path of Accumulation; Path of Preparation)
  2. Pure Altruistic Intention in continua of Bodhisattvas on any of the (first) 7 Impure Bhumis / Grounds (on Path of Seeing & Path of Meditation)
  3. Fully Mature Bodhicitta in continua of Bodhisattvas on any of the 3 Pure Grounds (8th, 9th & 10th Bodhisattva Bhumis).
  4. Abandonment of Obstructions in the continua of Buddhas.
Track 5 - Category by Way of PURPOSE: Like a Shepherd, Ferry-Boat-man, King.

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