Monday, May 09, 2011

Class 12 - Categories of Bodhicitta (Similes)

Download PDF's of HANDOUT and MP3 Tracks from the 11th class of 2011 held on Monday, May 9:


2011 Handout 9 - Remaining categories of Bodhicitta: a) By way of Demarcation; b) By way of Devoted Conduct; c) Category by way of the Purpose; d) Category by way of Similes.


Track 1 - Review Ch. 1, Topic 1, Bodhicitta, covered to date in 2011 classes.

Track 2 - How Bodhicitta Enhances Wisdom.

Track 3 - Category of Bodhicitta by Way of SIMILES: Introduction to 22 Similes for Bodhicitta.

Track 4 - Path of Accumulation's Three Stages & their Bodhicitta Similes (Earth, Gold, waxing Moon).

Track 5 - Path of Preparation - Fire-like Simile for Bodhicitta Endowed with Training.

Track 6 - Path of Seeing:
  • 1st Ground - Treasure-like Bodhicitta simile.
  • 2nd Ground - when does it start? - Jewel Mine-like Bodhicitta

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