Friday, September 16, 2011

Class 3 - Truth of Suffering - Birth & Aging

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2011 Handout 3 - cont. Pervasive Compositional Suffering: Contaminated Five AggregatesFour-fold & Eight-fold Categorization of Sufferings of Suffering:  Five types of Sufferings of Birth (cont. on Handout 4).

2011 Handout 4 - Eight-fold Categorization of Suffering, cont.Sufferings of AgingFive Sufferings of Sickness - 1) Changes the nature of the body; (cont. on Handout 5).



Track 1 - Review Three Kinds of Sufferings (Suffering, Change, Pervasive Compositional).
  • Q&A (Is Ignorance arisen from Neutral Feeling?).  
  • Handout 3:  Contaminated and Uncontaminated Karma.
Track 2 - [Handout 3]  Another Categorization of Suffering:
  • Four Types - (1) Birth, (2) Aging, (3) Sickness, (4) Death - incorporated into 
  • Eight Types: (5) Encountering what is Unpleasant, (6) Separation from what is Pleasant, (7) Not Getting What we Want, (8) (having) the Five Aggregates.  
    • How do these 8 fit into the Three Types of Suffering?  
    • Introduction to 1st of the 8: Birth.
Track 3 - 1. Five contemplations of the Suffering of BIRTH:
  • Birth, itself, is Suffering
  • Birth with Negative Tendencies produces Suffering.
Track 4 - Five contemplations of the Suffering of BIRTH, cont.
  • Born with Negative Tendencies, cont. 
    • What are "Seeds and Imprints".  
  • Birth is Source of suffering. 
  • Birth is Source of Afflictive Emotions:  
    • Operation of Afflictive Emotions. 
  • Birth Results in Unwanted Separation, cont. in Track 5.
Track 5 - [Handout 4].  Second of 8 Kinds of Suffering:  Five Contemplations of the Suffering of Aging
  1. Handsome body deteriorates.
  2. Physical strength and vigour deteriorate.  
  3. Senses deteriorate.  
  4. Enjoyment of sense objects fades.  
  5. Suffering of the diminishment of one's lifespan.
It is well that aging happens little by little. 
If it happened all at once, it would be intolerable.
             - Kadampa Geshe Gamapa

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This is the 3rd class of the Fall 2011 Perfection of Wisdom course
addressing the Four Noble Truths, the 2nd sub-topic of the 2nd Topic
(Mahayana Practice Instructions) of Chapter 1 of Maitreya's
Ornament for Clear Realizations - Abhisamayalamkara.

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