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Class 4 - Truth of Suffering of Sickness, Death, Encounters, Separation

Download PDF's of Class materials and MP3 Tracks from the 4th class of Fall 2011 term held on Monday, September 19:

DOWNLOAD Handouts used in Class 4 & Class NOTES  (i.e., very rough transcript):

2011 Handout 4 - Eight-fold Categorization of Suffering, cont.Sufferings of AgingFive Sufferings of Sickness - 1) Changes the nature of the body; (cont. on Handout 5).

2011 Handout 5 - Five Sufferings of Sickness, cont. 2-5.  Five Contemplations of the Sufferings of Death.  Five Contemplations of the Sufferings of Encountering what is Unpleasant - 1-2, cont. on Handout 6.

2011 Handout 6 - Five Contemplations of the Sufferings of Encountering what is Unpleasant, cont. 3-5.  Five Contemplations of the Sufferings of Separation from what is PleasantSuffering of Not Getting What We Want.  Five Contemplations of the Sufferings of Having the Five Aggregates - 1-3, (cont. in Handout 7.)

Class 4 NOTES - rough draft transcript - offered for what they are worth. (If you are interested in assisting in proofing/editing, contact Ven. Tenzin Nordron.)

FALL 2011 PDFs re: Truth of Suffering are HERE.


Track 1 - Discussion:  Implications of third type of Birth, "from moisture", etc.

Track 2Discussion: How a Cause of Production is also Cause of its Effect's Destruction.
  • Presentation of Impermanence, Cause & Effect.
Track 3 - Review Sufferings of Birth and Aging.
              Sufferings of SICKNESS [Handout 4 - p. 2] - Five contemplations:
  1. Sickness changes the nature of the body [cont. on Handout 5]. 
  2. Pain & anguish increase and are seldom absent.  
  3. No desire to enjoy pleasing objects. 
  4. Forced to recourse to unpleasant objects, even though one does not want them.  
  5. Lose one's vital energy, i.e., one dies.
Track 4 - Sufferings of DEATH [Handout 5] - Five contemplations:  One is separated from nice/beloved:
  1. Objects of Enjoyment,
  2. Close relatives, 
  3. Companions, and 
  4. beloved Body.  Also
  5. At the time of death one experiences terrible suffering and distress.
Track 5 - Sufferings of Encountering What Is Unpleasant - Five contemplations:
  1. Encountering an Enemy.  
  2. Fearing one will be Harmed by one's Enemy
  3. [Handout 6] Fearing one's Enemy will Spread Malicious Rumors about Oneself
  4. Dreading death.  
  5. Fearing Rebirth in suffering existence due to one's non-Dharmic activitiesAlso misc. sufferings from poverty, disagreeable jobs, being resented, unattractive, etc.
    Sufferings of Separation from What is Pleasant - Five contemplations:  When one is separated from loved ones, One: 
  1. Grieves
  2. Verbally Laments
  3. Harms one's own body
  4. Becomes sad when one remembers and yearns for the qualities of the departed; and generally experiences
  5. Suffering of no longer enjoying what one has lost.

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This is the 4th class of the Fall 2011 Perfection of Wisdom course
addressing the Four Noble Truths, the 2nd sub-topic of the 2nd Topic
(Mahayana Practice Instructions) of Chapter 1 of Maitreya's
Ornament for Clear Realizations - Abhisamayalamkara.

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