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Spring Semester begins 9 APRIL 2012

The IBD's [Institute for Buddhist Dialectical studies] Advanced (English language) Philosophy course taught by Geshe Kelsang Wangmo resumes Monday - 9 APRIL 2012.

The subject matter continues the
Perfection of Wisdom studies based upon Maitreya's Ornament for Clear Realizations [Abhisamayalamkara] with the next topic of Chapter 1:  REFUGE.

Weekly Class Schedule:

4:00 - 5:30 pm
in IBD's Prayer Hall
IBD's prayer hall is located
Up the first set of Stairs (to the Right)
inside the main Temple Gate.

Monthly Donation Fee Requested - 300 INR
The Discussion Group schedule will be
announced after classes begin. 

First TopicREFUGE.  Many complex issues and debates relating to Refuge will be covered this Spring.   As time allows, Geshe Wangmo will begin presenting subsequent topics from Chapter 1 of the Ornament.  (See * below

First Classes:  Geshe Wangmo will review how we arrived at an examination of Refuge in our study of the hidden subject matter (i.e., structure of the Path to enlightenment) of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras as outlined in Maitreya's Ornament and elaborated by Indian & Tibetan commentators.

Text:  Geshe Wangmo prepares handouts for the topics raised in each class (which include translated excerpts from commentaries that are not available in English).

Bit of Caution:  This course is an English language presentation of Geshe studies curricula taught in monasteries (e.g., IBD, Drepung Loseling).  This course is challenging and presumes a familiarity with prerequisite course studies (the Collected Topics, Mind & Awareness, Tenets), and the three years of this course material that have occurred to date. 

You are welcome to attend a few sessions to assess whether the the course is suitable for you; however, please do not interrupt the flow of the classroom presentation with too many questions about background material.  One function of the course's Discussion Group is to answer such questions (as well as to review new material presented in class).

Chapter 1 of the Ornament outlines Ten Dharmas a/k/a Ten Topics that elucidate the Omniscient Mind.  To date, the course has covered:

    First Dharma/Topic - Bodhicitta

The Second Dharma/Topic – Mahayana Practice Instructions has Ten Sub-Topics:
The course has covered the first 2 Sub-Topics:

   (1)     Entity of Practice:
                   Conventional Truth & Ultimate Truth

   (2)     Four Noble Truths.

Spring Semester 2012 will cover the Third Mahayana Practice Instruction topic:

   (3)    Refuge.

*Depending on circumstances, the Fourth through Sixth Mahayana Practice Instruction sub-topics may be covered as well:

   (4) - (6)  Three Types of Diligence.
The Spring 2012 semester will conclude when heavy monsoon rains drive away most students (probably in July).

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