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Class 22 - Ultimate Truth - lack of intrinsic existence

Download PDF's of HANDOUT and MP3 Tracks from the 22nd class of 2011 held on Wednesday, June 1:


2011 Chart 4 - the Two Truths According to the Four Tenets.

2011 Chart 5 - Existent and the Two Truths.

2011 Handout 16 - a) Ornament, Ch. 1, Topic 2 - Mahayana Practice Instructions' ten topics [See, Handout 15]. b) Two Truths: Conventional Truth & Ultimate Truth - Etymologies & Instances.


Track 1
Track 2
Track 3

Rough Notes from Track 1:

What does Ultimate Truth mean?  Absence of intrinsic “I”; Owner of body/mind; Flower as owner of petals-leaves, etc.

Existing “Inherently”, “Truly”, “Intrinsically”, “from its own side” - what do these mean?  We must understand their meaning in order to refute “intrinsic existence”.

1st, establish what does and what does not exist.  We don't/won’t refute the table; but refute the extra quality perceived in the table that doesn't exist; refute true/inherent existence of table.

Even intrinsic existence of the Ultimate Truth does not exist.

But we see this non-existent quality as totally identical with phenomena (illustration: water mixed in milk).

How does the table exist? On the basis of its parts, we label/impute table.  Without mental imputation, no table.  Easier to understand imputation of money: on a colored bit of paper, we impute value of $100; no intrinsic $100 in the bill.

Everyone in room sees a different flower.  All we ever see is something that is 'not flower' or 'my hand.'  You see the front of my hand which is not my hand; only I see the back of my hand.  If my hand was intrinsically existent, you would see ….

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