Monday, June 06, 2011

Class 24 - Ultimate Truth

Download PDF's of HANDOUT and MP3 Tracks from the 24th class of 2011 held on Monday, June 6:


2011 Handout 16 - a) Ornament, Ch. 1, Topic 2 - Mahayana Practice Instructions' ten topics [See, Handout 15]. b) Two Truths: Conventional Truth & Ultimate Truth - Etymologies & Instances.


Track 1 - Introductory matters (Two Truths texts - Chandrakirti, Handouts); Ultimate nature of all phenomena.

Track 2 - Q&A.
  • Meaning of "to realize"?  
  • Ultimate Truth only exists because? 
  • What would inherent existence be like? 
  • Why does not finding True Existence mean it doesn't exist?

Track 3 - Q&A: Permanent and Negative phenomena.

Track 4 - Q&A - Four possibilities between Permanent and Eternal; and many more.

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