Friday, June 10, 2011

Class 26 - Perceivers of Perfect Truth / Perceivers of Falsehood

Download PDF's of HANDOUT and MP3 Tracks from the 26th class of 2011 held on Friday, June 10:


2011 Handout 17 - Je Tsong Khapa's Illumination of the Thought:  a) Explaining, by Means of the Category of the Two Truths, that All Phenomena Have Two Entities;  b) Another Presentation of the Two Truths.


Track 1 - Handout 17
  • Introduce Je Tsong Khapa's commentary (Illumination of the Thought) on Chandrakirti's Supplement to the Middle Way:.
  • Explaining, by means of the Category of the Two Truths, that all Phenomena Have Two Entities, Je Rinpoche's commentary on Chandrakirti's verse on the Two Truths:
All phenomena, because of being found by perceivers of the perfect truth
And by perceivers of falsehood, uphold two entities.
The object of perfect perception is suchness,
While that of false perception is taught to be conventional truth.

All phenomena (such as ‘internal’ consciousness and ‘external’ sprout, etc.) have two entities or natures – conventional truth and ultimate truth.

Track 2 - Exalted Wisdom realizes Perfect Truth, i.e., the actual reality or the Ultimate Truth of, e.g., a sprout by realizing the sprout’s emptiness of existing ultimately or truly.

Track 3 - Wrong consciousnesses - distinguished from Mistaken consciousnesses.
  • How you can know if something exists on a conventional level if things don’t inherently exist.
  • Differentiating between Conventinoal Truths and Ultimate Truths.
  • How you can know if something exists on a conventional level if things don’t inherently exist.
  • A conventional truth (e.g., sprout) is found or realized by conventional valid cognizers that exist in the continua of those whose awarenesses are completely covered by the ‘clouded vision of the cataract of ignorance’.
  • Valid cognizers are conventional cognizers because the objects that they realize are false in that they appear to those cognizers to exist ultimately/truly.
Track 4 - To know something is a Conventional Truth, you must realize its falsity/deceptive character, which requires a realization of the object's emptiness/ultimate truth.
  • What does 'to realize' mean?
Track 5 - Conceptually/intellectually realize Emptiness in order to realize (falsity of) Conventional Truth of phenomena.

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This is the 6th class of the Perfection of Wisdom course addressing the Two Truths (first sub-topic of the 2nd Topic [Mahayana Practice Instructions] of Chapter 1 of Maitreya's Ornament for Clear Realizations).

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